Za Za Zucchini

{The massive harvests of summer begin! We ran out of black crates for this kohlrabi harvest & filled the garden cart!}

Today was the first little harvest of zucchini (just 2 baby squashes, very cute)! This is a moment that fills us with so much excitement and dread, because it marks the beginning of summer (oh hi, summer solstice!) and all the bounty and flavor that the farm has to offer, and means we begin our favorite task of harvesting mountains of food. Weeding and seeding are all well and good, but there’s no denying that pulling up a carrot from the ground and grabbing a bite is just the best. Zucchini, along with cucumbers and eventually tomatoes, are an every-other-day harvest, no matter what. Those things more than double in size overnight, it seems. We already have lots of unripe fruit on our tomato plants in the hoophouse – they’re still a few weeks out, but it won’t be long! We’re already getting a cascade of cucumbers out of there. Huge seedless cukes – some are the size of your forearm, but are still sweet and tender through and through. We’ve had such a wet spring that the weeds are going bonkers. We had a fortunate dry spell not too long ago and were able to tackle most of the farm pretty thoroughly, but those weeds are back with a vengeance, and the next time it dries out we’ll be back out there plucking lambsquarters and pigweed out of the beans and kale and lettuce. We have a couple little rounds of transplanting left – mostly fall cabbages and succession plantings of lettuce, but the greenhouse is nearly empty. We harvested an insane amount of garlic scapes today also (both because they’re delicious, and to ensure large, healthy garlic bulbs) – almost 200 pounds!

As for the daunting task of all the harvesting we’ve learned pretty quickly that the best way to conquer that is to have a labor force that’s up to the task! We’ve already got a couple employees helping out in the field, learning the ropes on how to make the perfect bunch of wholesale kale and everything else, but we’re looking to bring a couple more hands on board. The tomato tornado isn’t far away! So if you or someone you know is looking for some fun work this summer, check out our Employment page for all the details. Many hands truly do make light work.

Other exciting changes on the farm – the seed crops are getting HUGE! The kale is 6 feet tall and has already set most of its seedpods, the onions and leeks resemble happy little truffula trees bobbing in the breeze, and the beets are sending out massive stalks loaded with flowers and pollen. The tomatoes are all trellised and already in need of another support line as they rocket upwards (there are already little cherry tomatoes forming in the fields). We’ve been sending hundreds and hundreds of bunches of kale and chard to Willy St. Co-op each week – so if you ever shop there, those things are very likely grown by us! We estimate that at this moment we have almost 1000 bunches of greens in the field that we could pick. Just wait until the heirloom tomato bonanza…. then we’re talking thousands of pounds of heirlooms harvested EACH WEEK!

~ Dennis, June 21st, 2017