Wild Abundance Community Farm: Fundraising SUCCESS!

{The grateful faces of (most of) the Wild Abundance Community Farm members & folks!}

It’s been an exciting month! The field went from empty to practically full (with the greenhouse taking the opposite trajectory!) in a matter of weeks – our hamstrings sore from all the transplanting – and we are settling into the weekly rhythm that will continue into the autumn. Each day of the week has its own flow and it feels good to be back in the groove. Soon enough we’ll be at two(!) farmers’ markets, packing CSA shares, and delivering twice-weekly to the good people at Willy Street Co-op in Madison.

This month has been one of balance – focusing our energies on the specific tasks at hand (weeding, cultivating beds, mowing, seeding, transplanting), as well as the broader picture around the future of the land-management cooperative, Wild Abundance Community Farm (WACF), that we co-own the land with. The last two times we wrote we spoke of the IndieGoGo campaign that was on, and we are happy to announce that we exceeded our goal, thanks to overwhelming support by YOU! With campaign contributions through the site, and personal donations through other means, we raised $10,084! Thanks for trusting in us, the vision for more accessible & affordable land options for farmers, and our more alternative approach at the rural American dream.

So – what now? We’ll continue to invest in this project of growing resiliency & community for the long haul, using your contributions to sustain our hard work & additional loans to more evenly distribute our investments in the land over the current active membership. We are also diving full force into building partnerships and collaborations with potential members for the future – so please continue to support WACF by telling your networks about what we do, inviting curious farmers looking for land to consider joining us, and standing as a model for others trying to do similar things in different parts of the country.

Cheers to community!

~Anne, May 24th, 2017