Why did we choose the name Regenerative Roots?

Even though our business name may tongue-tie some with its many syllables, it represents an important concept for us.

In a world of high-tech chemically-dependent big agriculture, Dennis and I strive toward an agricultural system that not only sustains the status quo of–but seeks to regenerate— our soil, our ecosystems, and our human and wildlife communities. Regenerative agriculture takes a holistic approach to farm planning by visioning the long-term improvement of the land and acting in accordance to that long-term plan from year to year. Growing annual vegetables can limit a farmer’s thinking to 5-6 month cycles of time and be blinded by short-term priorities within the busyness of farm life. Our intention in our first year at Regenerative Roots is to grow high-quality annual vegetables within a system that embraces the perennial cycles of the natural world.

The second half of our name–Roots–represents our goal to stay grounded in a historical agrarian tradition and our respect for the many plant roots we depend on for capturing water and nutrients from the soil to sustain us. The roots of a plant are typically unseen, but of utmost importance in their ability to limit erosion, sequester minerals and micronutrients from far beneath, and feed the microbial communities that support organic matter in our soils.  My greater vision for this farm entails it becoming an educational space for the community–that not only includes organic farming techniques, but also permaculture design principles, earthen building, food preservation and fermentation. I’d like Regenerative Roots to be a place where we can seek a balance with the modern improvements of today while acknowledging all the agrarian roots from the past that our fast-paced American lifestyles tend to forget. –Anne, November 22, 2011