Almost Time for Seeds!

We just got nearly a foot of snow and have plowed our driveway more than once, and it’s about time! The past three years we’ve hardly had much snow to speak of, and this is what we love to see in winter – fields, trees, and fences covered. But even as we watch the snow pile high, we’re gearing up for our first seeding of the season. March 1st is our typical first seeding date, when we put our onions and scallions into flats, and start firing up the greenhouse (we’re never pleased about that second part!). I’ve been wrapping up a lot of winter farm work – redesigning the website, doing all our taxes, planning budgets, and other fun stuff (I’ll be honest, I love it), and it’ll be really great to start moving into the main season work. Potting soil isn’t quite the same as dirt, but it’ll be nice to get my hands in there all the same.

But first! Clint is off to the Organic Seed Alliance conference in Oregon, to hone his skills, connect with other plant breeders, and of course pick up some seeds before heading back home next week. He’s making a stop at Meadowlark Hearth – the seed farm where he worked for two years before joining Regenerative Roots – and stopping by a few other farms on the way. I’m excited to hear all about it!

It also means it’s time to clear out the cooler and turn it into a plant sauna! One half of our cooler is keeping things just above freezing – not only winter storage veggies like beets and cabbage, but also lots of plants that we’ll plant out in the spring to produce seed. The other half will get some shelving, a space heater, and it’ll keep those seeds at a toasty 85F for a few days until they start to pop up! The only warmer spot on the farm is right in front of the woodstove!

-Dennis 2/11/18