Sungold City!

{The first tomato of 2017!}

We hope you had a great Fourth of July! Anne and I made our way to the annual Ice Cream Social at the Hoard Museum in Fort Atkinson for some sweet treats, while Clint played in his hometown community band, marching along with a sousaphone wrapped around his torso! We did have to squeeze a little work into the morning, to finish up our CSA harvest for the week, but mostly we’ve been keeping busy with an early summer round of weeding everything. We are rescuing our summer and fall carrots from weeds that would otherwise smother them out in another week or so, and when we were over cleaning up around the tomato plants, we saw ripening sungold tomatoes! They’re already several feet tall out in the field, and there are a lot of them! We have harvested a couple heirlooms from the hoophouse and just had those in lunch this afternoon – an absolute treat. Soon enough we’ll be picking those every other day for the next few months – here’s hoping we get some hot weather to really make them go go go!

{Anne and Kiva weeding the onions – they’ll be set until we harvest them!}

Other trademark tastes of the summer season that have recently come onto the scene are green beans, snap peas, fennel, and zucchini. Nothing beats snacking on some snap peas and green beans to feel better about the hot sun and thick humidity making you sweat. Delicious. Soon we’ll add beets, tomatoes, and melons to that scrumptious list of treats.

{A garden cart full of chard for sale to Willy St. Co-op}

We’re already a quarter of the way through the CSA season, and definitely are having a hard time believing it’s already July. We’ve also been cruising with big greens harvests for Willy St. Co-op; we’ve already harvested over 2000 bunches of kale and chard for them this season, and we’re just getting started! Unlike tomatoes and cucumbers, they like it a little cooler – more like comfortable human weather. Either way, something will do extra well. We’ll be planting out our final few crops in the next week or two – primarily cabbages and broccoli for the fall harvests, and then it’s just pick pick pick until the frosts show up in October. Soon we’ll be snacking on those sungolds to beat the summer heat, and you will too!

-Dennis 7/5/17