Summer Harvests

Summer is thoroughly and unequivocally here! We spent the past 30-odd days emptying the greenhouse and filling the fields, and now it’s all there, save for a few fall cabbages and lettuces. Tomatoes are starting to ripen in the field, and we’re swimming in cucumbers, summer squash, basil, and so much more! Our melons, winter squash, and sweet potatoes are sprawling forests that only the bravest enter! We’re keeping ahead of the weeds for the most part, and looking forward to a nice stretch of dry weather next week to really do a thorough trip through the field to make it really shine. But the veggies are doing so well! Last year was a great greens and cucumber year, but fairly meh on tomatoes (cold temps and disease), the year before was a tomato barnbuster but the cukes barely made any marketable fruit (insects). So far this year, it seems like everything is just doing well! Fingers crossed it stays that way! A few hot days here and there aside, things have been really nice. We missed most of the torrential rains of June, and actually ended up irrigating quite a bit while neighboring towns were dealing with flooding.

{Above left: The first hoophouse tomatoes of the year – the field can’t be far behind! Above right:We’re delivering greens to Willy St. by the pallet load!}

We’re onto the 5th CSA box, meaning we’re already a quarter of the way through the season, which is nearly impossible to believe! Seed crops have been ripening and even starting to dry down. We planted our old vegetable field to cover crops to give the soil a well-deserved break for the next couple of years. We’ve been doing lots of sales to Willy St. Co-op, including a huge greens sale right now, and a big cucumber sale coming up next week. And soon enough those tomatoes will hopefully be filling the shelves as well!

So now it’s just go go go time as long as the plants can keep going too! We’re loving the long days, the refreshing breezes when it’s hot, and the bounty of the summer. We could do with the mosquitoes, but it’s all worth it.

-Dennis 7/4/18