Planting Party!

{Did you know chard roots are richly colored like the leaves?}

There are lots of fun new things happening at the farm! We’re hiring! We have a new Market CSA Share! And we’re planting more veggies than ever before! Turns out, two thousand chard plants take up a fair amount of space, and take a little bit of time to put in the ground. Our field is currently pretty bare – garlic and onions, kale and chard; that’s pretty much it. But in one short week, we’ll have planted out the vast majority of our plants for the entire season! It’s no secret Wisconsin is not located at the most tropical of latitudes. And so we must wait extra, extra, patiently for the danger of frost to finally pass. Fingers crossed, it looks like it has (twice in the past six years, though, we’ve had frosts around May 25th!). And all of the excitement, energy, and life we’ve been storing up in the greenhouse (which at this point in the season is only big enough for half of our plants) is about ready to burst forth and colonize every part of our farm fields. We have several thousand tomatoes, hundreds upon hundreds of cucumbers, melons, and squash, herbs galore, and dozens of other tasty veggies ready to grow in some real soil and become our seasonal bounty.

{Clint watering in our seedlings}

Speaking of that bounty, I mentioned above that we’re hiring! We need extra hands to help us power through the glut of delicious tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, and everything else that comes our way starting mid-summer. So if you or anybody you know might be interested in working on the farm part-time for a couple of months (mid-July to mid-September), check out our Employment page and let us know!

In other bountiful news, our rhubarb and asparagus are incredible! We just planted them last year, so we’re only taking a very light harvest this season to let them establish bigger root systems and ensure their survival for years/decades to come. But some of the asparagus stalks are already full size and as we let them leaf out, some are over 5′ tall! While our little kale transplants just have a few sets of leaves and probably don’t get much past 8″ or so. Still, we’ll be harvesting them in a couple weeks! But if you’re looking for a taste of our limited supply of rhubarb and asparagus this year, along with the early season treats like green garlic, spinach, mint, and other herbs, be sure to come check out our market stand this Saturday at the Fort Atkinson Farmers’ Market! We’ll be starting down at the Whitewater City Market in June as well, those are on Tuesday evenings.

And speaking of farmers markets, we’re rolling out a new Market Share program this year! We realize that CSA isn’t for everybody (but for those of you who love it – act quickly! We’re running out of shares, and the season starts in just a month!), and prefer the pick-and-choose of a farmers’ market stand. So after running some small pilots last year, we’re doing the real deal this time around. We are selling Market Shares in $50 increments and offering a 10% bonus (so you pay $50, but get $55 in market credit). We keep a card with your credit balance, you just come and pick out what you want! We always shoot to give this 10% extra to our regular CSA members as well, and have been successful every year. We appreciate the commitment you make to us, and want to repay you with lots of fresh, delicious food!


-Dennis 5/11/17