MOSES Organic Farming ConferenceNo, not that Moses. Rather, the Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service, which puts on one of the premier events of the year as far as us farmers are concerned – the Organic Farming Conference. It’s pretty big, considering; I’d guess at least 3,000 people attend every year. It’s a few days to catch up with all your farmer friends, attend workshops on everything from raising pigs to permaculture, and a great trade show where we can stock up on farm toys (this year we picked up a swan neck hoe from Earth Tools, since we loved the diamond hoe so much).

Anne attended a whole day course on organic fruit and orchard production, which we hope to do more and more of as time goes on. I am participating in MOSES’ mentorship program, a great resource connecting beginning farmers with others who have more experience on a particular topic. I’m excited to be working with Dave Cleverdon of Kinnikinnick Farm on how to integrate livestock and vegetable systems. He’s spent the past several years working out how to plow with pigs, clean up the fields with chickens and hopefully we’ll be able to do the same soon enough. We got to connect at the conference and we’ll be visiting each other through the season.

-Dennis 2/26/13