Middle March

{Clint’s Pickup teetering back through the Sandhills to WI for the Holidays last year}

What an exciting time to be at the farm! Everyone is quickly ratcheting up our plans and intentions for the year, with the Spring Equinox close at hand. The first varieties have been selected, empty flats for plants are being pulled out and we have our first chances at getting some energizing sunrays while seeding in the greenhouse. The changes in the farming world can come quickly and swiftly sometimes. Being ready and adaptive to the capricious climate of spring is a great advantage. Embracing the change can be quite invigorating!

Change is certainly overflowing though. For Kass and I, adjusting to being back in Wisconsin has been chock full of new experiences and the renewing of old ones. For instance nothing feels quite the same as being close to family again. ‘Tis true, you don’t know quite what you’re missing until its gone, or over 14 hours away! Being out on the western reaches of the Plains had its beauty and enchantments, but the love close to home is hard to replace and has been abundant. Having five brothers can create hellish schedule alignments. But as if Jasper and the Stars were conspiring, we were all able to enjoy each other’s company this last holiday season like never before!

{Clint, Jasper and Kass getting a good visit in Milwaukee with Uncle Troy}

Other luxuries being re-enjoyed include everything from rousing Midwest games of Euchre and Canasta (finally!!) to hikes in the nearby Kettle Moraine. Even minute things like local weeds biding their frozen time and the Rock River running over a dam welcomes you back. These changes feel like a welcome back to me, but for Kass and Jasper its all new. Its hard to not feel an intense need to “show them around” or help them feel at home here, creating dizzying visits to Madison’s Olbrich Gardens and making sure we make it to such cultural events like the Horicon Marsh’s Owl Prowl walk. Get it while you can!

Jasper is changing quickly as well, running away with our hearts and keeping us on our toes. Already proving he’s excited to be at the farm, he’s adapted from the womb to having us bounce him around the house and farm, onto the next inevitable project. He seems both into grinding grain with me on the bicycle and then patiently waiting for his dinner while we make cornbread with that grain. Not bad! We’re both fairly dynamic parents and will hopefully be able to keep up with him by scootin’ in the garden and herbs and tending the little chickens we received a month ago. He’s also taking a liking to the surroundings as we go on Dorothy Carnes walks and cozy up to warm fires Dennis has a knack for making. Now that he’s almost doubled in size, his patterns have become more apparent and roommates enjoy his exuberant mornings and also patiently hold the card game till we put him down to sleep, one more time.

Certainly more changes to come! Lets ring in the Equinox this week with a small ode to the changing of life, the seasons and the coming warmth!

Clint & Crew