Late Summer Whirlwind

Whew! Well, after a couple years of keeping up with pretty regular blog posts, this summer really knocked us off our feet! In our last post from what feels like an eternity ago (but was really just a month and a half) I wrote about how things were doing pretty well, we had just finished up planting everything, and harvests were just starting to really get going. Little did we know just what lay in wait – a bona fide tsunami of tomatoes! After a few weeks of cherry tomatoes going positively bonkers (read: 1500#/week! Of CHERRY tomatoes!), heirlooms have caught up and the last two harvests were both over one thousand pounds! We may have outdone ourselves just a touch with this one ;). Couple a bumper crop with a labor shortage, and that’s made for some very long days and weeks for me and Clint. Fortunately, we’re just starting to claw our way back out of the long slog, thanks to some awesome new folks on the crew, and we have time for other things. The Great American Novel, for starters. But truly, the stars of the season have been all of the wonderful folks on our crew! We couldn’t come close to doing this without them.

The other big deal of the season has been the rain. Oh, the rain! We’re used to a pretty parched summer, barely getting any rain from June through September, but clearly that has not been the case for 2018. We’ve only gotten 2-3″ at a time, which is still quite a lot of water, but our soils are well drained and it hasn’t caused us many problems. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the folks who have gotten 10-15″ in a day. We’re just hoping things are working out alright.

We’re figuring tomatoes have another couple weeks of peak production, but everything is starting to hint at autumn. We harvested our first winter squash this week, the sun is definitely lower in the sky, the trees are all losing their early summer green and shifting ever so slightly yellow and brown. We are all so ready for the crisp, dark mornings, and we’re already enjoying the shorter days that mean we actually stop working at a reasonable time. I can’t wait to see the mountain of tomatoes slowly dwindle and be replaced by boxes and boxes of cabbages, sweet potatoes, winter squash, carrots, beets, kohlrabi, daikon radish. It’s been quite the summer, and it feels good to be heading into autumn, day by day.

-Dennis 8/23/18