June (and CSA season) is Here!

After a thoroughly strange, strange spring that mostly resembled winter, we have entered summer a few weeks early! The periodic rain, the abundant heat, and the lengthening days have all conspired to make the plant world go bonkers. Our greenhouse is empty, and the fields are increasingly full. We’re ready to start harvesting regularly, and everything is pointing towards a bountiful year so far, fingers crossed! Our tomato plants are getting their t-posts this week and next, setting us up to start trellising them up up up, our massive pile of compost is nearly all spread in our beds, and we just cleared out the seed sauna in anticipation of making it our “warm cooler” again (~50-55F) as the cucumbers, tomatoes, and summer squash start ramping up. And the weeds – oh the weeds! We have some of our least favorite weed, quackgrass, creeping around sections of our field, and it’s about as Sisyphean as it gets. We just have to keep weeding it, but there’s no getting rid of it. Fortunately, the veggies will tower over it soon enough, and have no problem doing their thing. May is for planting, June is for weeding, and the rest of the summer is harvest harvest harvest. A winter of planning and a spring of seedlings is all coming together in our master plan – bwah ah ah!

{Colorful and flavorful, CSA shares are on their way!}

It’s a good thing that harvests are really beginning in earnest, too, since we’re into the regular season for farmers’ markets in Fort Atkinson (Saturday mornings) and Whitewater (Tuesday evenings), wholesale is just around the corner, and our first CSA shares go out in less than a week! We’ll have all sorts of goodies – lettuce, rhubarb, asparagus, herbs, and more in those first boxes! This is your last chance to sign up for the whole season – if you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time! We have details on the types of shares, both a standard weekly box, and a market share for the farmers’ market, right here on our website. If you know what you want, head right to the store! We try really hard to give CSA members and market share subscribers a nice bonus in terms of how much produce you get for your dollar – about 10%! We are also more than happy to arrange payment plans. But for what works out to just $20-30 for week for what most people find to be all of their healthy vegetable needs – it’s already a deal!

{Starting to trellis tomatoes!}

Clint and I have loved to continue to make the farm better in ways big and small – we’ve been taking more advantage of the tractor for hauling huge loads of compost into the field and rock piles out of it, adding more overhead lighting in our packshed to help us thoroughly inspect those endless tons of tomatoes that come through, building a field structure to save us countless trips back to the packshed for tools and equipment, and we’ve lucked out in the most important way of all – quality workers! We’ve got a couple people going at the farm already, with more to join in mid-summer as the tomatoes and such take over, and so far it’s been nothing but fun and camaraderie (and getting things done!). We’re so grateful to the people who come and help out for the season and we make sure they have the opportunity to get a lot out of it.

{Look at that gorgeous lacinato kale, folks!}

What’s next on the hit parade? Well, some cooler temperatures! And I for one am ready! The tomatoes may like it hot, but after the brutal snow and ice of April and the unrelenting heat and humidity of May, I’m ready for a sunny, breezy week in the 70s, with cool, refreshing nights. Huzzah!

-Dennis 5/31/18