Growing the RegRooCrew!: Farming with 3 Business Partners

{Clint and family (Kass & Jasper), Dennis, and Anne (as photographer)}

We are in the full roar of the season, with the weeks already blending together and August somehow just around the corner… We are talking plans of 2018, as we are soon working up a new chunk of the property to rotate into for 2018 & want to plant it into lush clover this year. So what does it feel like to be in the thick of it and have three business partners at the helm? – Great, I think! Clint joined the farm as a business partner this spring, bringing with him lots of years of vegetable production and a knowledge and interest in seed saving, too.

I am enjoying the shift in responsibilities that naturally occur with shifts in management, such as rotating farmers’ market attendance (you’ll only see each of us once every 3 weeks!) and sharing our communications such as blogs, e-mails, and CSA newsletters. It’s nice for each of us to have a venue to share our individual voices, and it speaks more authentically to the cooperative environment that we are trying to nurture here. In the past, Dennis was the primary blog writer and I constructed most of the farm e-mails, so I hope that you are enjoying our different perspectives and styles. I am appreciative of the enthusiasm and curiosity that Clint brings to the table; he complements Dennis & my skillsets quite well. I’m feeling grateful.

I think having a 3-person operation has also allowed us to each have clearer boundaries between work and life, even though they are obviously so intertwined. We have to be more intentional about having time to check in & make plans for the week, when we are trying to balance three peoples’ schedules rather than just two. I’ve appreciated how a more structured approach to our labor picture has created space for lots of swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, biking, and yoga.

Enjoy the full bounty at the farmers’ markets & within the CSA shares! We certainly are!


~Anne, July 19th, 2017