Back from the Holidays!

We are all back together at the farm after scattering for the holidays – Clint and Kass went to visit family in Nebraska, I went down to visit mine in Cincinnati, and Anne enjoyed time with her family up in the northwoods before taking a trip to Iceland! It is always wonderful to come together around warm fires, warm hearts, and delicious food. To nap whenever the mood strikes, and to hike through the snowy landscape. But it’s also wonderful to come back home to a farmhouse that’s also full of all of those things.

We are starting the new year with more activity than usual for the farm, with Clint and Kass spearheading our presence at winter markets in Fort Atkinson and Whitewater. Not only will they have lots of tasty veggies (greens, carrots, cabbage, beets, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and more!) but they will also be selling vegetable and flower seeds, as well as herbal teas grown all right here on the farm! Beyond that, we’re getting our typical winter orders placed and showing up at the door. We’ve got nearly all of our seeds for this season just waiting to get their chance in the greenhouse (in just a couple months!), we’ve been strategizing our irrigation system, and generally getting our supplies together to make for a smooth and streamlined season. Because nothing is worse than running out of rubber bands when you get an order for 1000 bunches of greens! Countless little things all have to come together to make the farm do what it does.

We’re already thinking hard about what to grow this year, no matter how frozen the ground is. We have our annual meeting with Willy Street Co-op in Madison next week to decide what we’ll grow for their 3 stores (we’d love to grow for more local grocery stores, too, but they rarely work with individual growers), we’re selling CSA shares on our website, and as mentioned above, we haven’t really stopped going to farmers’ markets! So here’s hoping we’ll see you soon!

-Dennis 1/5/18