About Wild Abundance

{A portion of the Wild Abundance crew after the 2015 Bike The Barns event}

Regenerative Roots is nestled within a cooperative land management project called Wild Abundance Community Farm. We exist as a separate and independent company, but enjoy the benefits and camaraderie that comes from working together as a group. Long-term access to sustainably-managed land is expensive and often challenging for new farmers who don’t inherit property, so co-owning this land with others helps to spread out the expenses (and upkeep labor) for us. Plus, it’s fun! And helps us to care for the land in a more sustainable way, with different people following their interests in an integrated way.

Other projects that currently exist on the same property are: a cooperatively-managed perennial fruit & nut orchard, a small-scale regional seed-saving operation – Cultivating the Commons – coordinated by RegRoo-member Clint Freund & his partner Kass McKinnon, a pastured meat rabbit operation – The Coney Garth – coordinated by Julie Engel, and other homesteading projects. Feel free to follow the Wild Abundance Community Farm on Facebook and read more about our ethics, the folks involved, and the history of the project on the Wild Abundance Community Farm website.