A Very Reluctant Spring

Brrrr! What a wild spring – we had barely worked up our spring veggie beds when we got another 5″ of snow (but thanking our stars we didn’t get the whopping 24″ that showed up in Green Bay!!!), just as we were seeding all of our tomatoes, cucumbers, first field spinach, herbs, fennel, and so much more. It’s our biggest seeding of the year – all getting ready for the arrival of the frost free season in mid-May. But never before have we dragged garden carts full of freshly seeded flats through drifts of wet, icy snow to put them in the seed sauna. The 50F greenhouse felt like a tropical paradise compared to the windy sleetstorm outside. Farmers all over the state are just sitting on their hands, with greenhouses filling up beyond full, waiting for the fields to show themselves again, and wondering¬† if summer will ever arrive. Our sincere belief – of course it will! We definitely just seeded several thousand tomatoes with that very expectation :-).

I’ve never been one to get tired of winter – I love the short days, the time for planning, preparation, and lots of hanging out by the woodstove with a giant mug of tea. Winter hikes, holidays, and visiting family. But this year has tried my patience! The sun is getting high, the days are long, and there shouldn’t be a inches-deep carpet of snow on everything!!! We’re getting serious ants in the pants as we want nothing more than to dig our hands into to some fluffy soil and tuck in some transplants. Soon enough! The forecast finally looks dry and sunny for a solid week or more, if not particularly warm. We’ll take what we can get, and we need it! Our greenhouse is filled to the gills with our early season crops, and we NEED those to move out because all those summer crops need to move in. Maybe next year we’ll build a bigger greenhouse!

It looks and feels like March, we know, but it’s mid-April, and the regular farmers’ markets start in just a couple of weeks! We’ve got one more winter one in Whitewater (the 28th), then it’s to the regular market schedule for Fort Atkinson and Whitewater, and we’re excited! After long winters, there’s nothing better than getting out and about to see all of our friendly market-goers. Also, CSA sales are really starting to pick up this time of year, so head to regenerativeroots.com/shop to get your share today! If you’re looking to learn more about our CSA, just head over to regenerativeroots.com/csa-membership and all your questions will be answered. Have one we didn’t think of? Just send us a message!

Stay warm, everybody! We’ll be working on those farmer tans soon enough :-)

-Dennis 4/17/18