A Farewell Note from Anne

I have decided to step away from Regenerative Roots and will no longer be one of your RegRoo farmers this spring. It has been such an honor to be growing food & feeding your households for the past six years. Sharing that portion of my life & livelihood with a supportive and vibrant community has been fun, energizing, rewarding, and taught me so many lessons about farming, owning a business, and about myself.

The reasons I am stepping away are personal and hard to sum up in words – shifting relationships at the farm, shifting interests for myself, and a shifting heart-connection to this business – all play in. I fully support Clint & Dennis and their vision for Regenerative Roots this season and beyond. I’m very proud of what I’ve helped build over the past years.

I look forward to being on the other side of the market table (the same side as you!) getting my kale, since this land and these people grow phenomenal food. I look forward to engaging with the broader community and Wild Abundance Community Farm in other ways – perhaps teaching yoga on the land, making art with Kass & Emily, harvesting fruit and other bounty here.

I’m not exactly sure what is next. Likely some time away from full-time farming, but I don’t doubt I’ll nestle back into it in some other context. Or maybe the inner artist, yoga teacher, and earthen builder in me will take over the next phase of life. If anyone is interested in staying in touch, please feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook. I have so much gratitude towards our paths crossing these past few years!

Much love & peas to you all,

April 6th, 2018