Is the CSA model right for me?


In our many years of working on CSA farms (others in the area and our own), we have observed what sort of members seem to be the most pleased with their boxes. CSA seems to work best for people (and families) who identify themselves as:

  • Someone who enjoys having a personal connection to where their food comes from
  • Someone who likes to eat vegetables and fruits
  • An adventurous/creative cook
  • A flexible eater
  • Someone who gets excited about trying new recipes and reading news about farm happenings
  • Someone whose schedule allows them to get to their pick-up site consistently each week

Each winter & early spring, we host a series of gatherings to talk a bit more about our unique farm and the CSA method, so you can be sure that our farm’s CSA is right for you. Please check our Events page to learn more current happenings and/or subscribe to our mailing list.


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