Health Insurance Rebates


The local food movement continues to grow and we are incredibly fortunate in Wisconsin to have such a high level of awareness about and support for the benefits of fresh, seasonal local food. So shouldn’t a commitment to eating a healthy diet rich in flavorful fruits and vegetables be recognized? We think so. And so do several health insurance companies – Dean, GHC-SCW, Physicians Plus and Unity all offer rebates to insured members for signing up for a CSA share, just like you would get for joining a gym, or taking other active steps to improve your health. Individuals are typically eligible for up to $100 per share, households up to $200. Each program is a little different, but you can find all the details and information on how to apply by clicking on the links above. These programs make a huge difference for thousands of households in the region by making fresh, local food more affordable and supporting small farms at the same time!

Please let your insurance company know how much you value this program to help ensure that it continues to be offered in future years. Insurance companies seem to rarely be the good guys in the national news, so all the more reason to celebrate the good that these local insurance companies are doing! If your insurance provider doesn’t offer rebates like this, contact them and ask them to do so. Your voice means a lot, and helps support our goal of fresh food for all.


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