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Back from the Holidays!

We are all back together at the farm after scattering for the holidays - Clint and Kass went to visit family in Nebraska, I went down to visit mine in Cincinnati, and Anne enjoyed time with her family up in the ...
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Tis the Season!

Merry Holidays to you all. We hope this message finds you in good health and excitement for the winter break that is so many cultural cornerstones. I'm sure you've found all the right gifts and recipes to share and are at ...
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Yoga for Farmers: Supporting our bodies for the long haul (Part II)

{Winter shows itself in beautiful ways on Thanksgiving Day} As October became November, this farmer has been hard at work at the library, putting together a grant application to continue the 'Yoga for Farmers' idea I ...
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Entering the End of the Season

{The fall landscape from Holy Hill} We are just a week out from our first Holiday Share delivery (LAST chance for sign-ups!) and are doing some final clean-up, tidying up the packshed, tucking away storage crops so ...
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Book Review: Growing the Revolution by David R Montgomery

{Cover crop bounty in the 2018 RegRoo field}   So the season of book reading has already begun!  Tomatoes said their sianaro early, warm temperatures sent roots crops flying into Oct. and our last Full Season ...
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Hazel Faze

Perennial crops have always been something of an enticing wonder to me.  I enjoyed my garden growing up, tending potatoes and the like on the farm.  But I also really enjoyed the apples and razberries and treasured ...

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