About Your Farmers

Anne, Clint, and Dennis first started farming together in 2009 at Tipi Produce in Evansville, WI. Anne & Dennis started Regenerative Roots in 2012, and Clint joined in as a business partner in 2017. Together we have almost 30 years cumulative farming experience mostly in the Madison, WI, area. We look forward to growing you delicious organic vegetables and appreciate your support!


My interest in farming started on a small cattle farm in eastern Germany in 2006. Despite daily temperatures that never got over 15 degrees, a limited farm vocabulary and backbreaking days of stacking wood (not to mention being a total greenhorn), it pointed to a way of living I had never considered. I came back and completed my degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Chicago while working for FamilyFarmed, a small non-profit promoting local food and farmers in the Chicago area. A desire to get back into hands-on farming brought me to Wisconsin in 2008 and I’m happy to call it home. I’ve been here ever since, working at several organic and diversified vegetable farms including Tomato Mountain Farm, King’s Hill Farm and Tipi Produce. I also served as the Grower Program Manager at the FairShare CSA Coalition, where I developed and oversaw farmer education programs throughout southern Wisconsin, before starting Regenerative Roots.


I’ve been growing vegetables since 2007, when I started as the Packshed Manager at JenEhr Family Farm in Sun Prairie, WI, the day after my undergraduate graduation. I studied molecular biology and soil science at UW-Madison, completing an undergraduate thesis on prairie restoration which emphasized the importance of healthy soil in ensuring healthy ecosystems. I was drawn into sustainable agriculture by the people I met in Madison and a few environmental studies classes. After my first season at JenEhr, I traveled abroad with two of my friends, and enjoyed various WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) stays in Oceania, Africa, and Europe. While traveling, I observed how many corners of the world are still grounded in growing their own food and living modest lives. While all of this was intended as “time off” before going back to graduate school, I soon realized that farm work and its kinesthetic approach to learning felt more like “time on” than any formal education in my past had. I’ve been getting my hands dirty ever since, while working at JenEhr Family Farm, King’s Hill Farm, Tipi Produce, and now Regenerative Roots since 2012. In addition to organic vegetable farming, I have strong interests in earthen building, permaculture design, bicycling, building community intentionally, fermentation, dancing, and yoga. Starting in 2018, I intend to use my skills as a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200 with Alignment Yoga) to design a virtual ‘yoga for farmers’ program to combine my two biggest passions.


 My partner Kass and I are excited be back where I grew up, to cultivate vegetables and seed for this community! After six years at Tipi Organic Produce as a farmhand, I made a journey to western Nebraska to learn more about vegetable seedwork. Kass had been doing her own share of back-to-the-land work out there too on family land, tending livestock on shortgrass prairie. It was all too fateful for them to cross paths while working there, following their love of plants and nature. We decided to move back to be closer to family here, but also to see the birth of our child in WI! Jasper arrived perfectly overdue on Christmas Eve and is promising to be a beautiful gem as he prepares to join us on our journey at Regenerative Roots. Our passion for healthy food and living has guided us for some time now. Our strong desires to see healthy communities based on healthy soils brings vibrancy to our work we hope to share! Whether it’s through tasty recipes, a walk in the woods or the intricacies of beet seed-saving, you’ll find us chugging away discovering new ways to interact with plants, animals and people. We’re excited to join up with Regenerative Roots to provide excellent organic food and are also pumped to develop our interest in seed production.